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Staffords in Thailand - Finest Homemade and Imported Food and Beverages

Pies & Pastries
High quality mouth watering savoury pies made fresh by our experienced chef. Prepared according to old English recipes, using the finest ingredients available, Staffords traditional pies bring back the "good times".

Indian Cuisine
Incorporating the best of Indian cuisine with fresh produce and hand-prepared spice mixtures, Stafford’s ready made meals is a must for lovers of Indian food. Our meals are a tasty culinary journey India has undertaken from its vegetarian beginning through to its foreign influences.

International Cuisine
We don’t believe in limiting choice, we offer a nice range of famous international dishes, that suites your taste. Prepared only with high quality ingredients in a clean environment, deep-frozen at -22°C for a safe culinary experience.

We produce and bake all our breads, rolls baguettes etc in house for perfect freshness and carry stock and accept orders.

A wide range of delicious fruit pies made with short crust pastry.

Cooked Meats
Our cooked meats are prepared to traditional recipes. Stafford’s cooked meat range is available whole or sliced, pre-packed for your convenience.

Bacon & Gammon
The offered selection of premium pork products is available smoked or un smoked. Including Back Bacon, Gammons, sliced and vacuum packed from 200gr. to 1kg packs for you’re convenience. The professional choice for wholesale and retail.

Stafford’s homemade sausages prepared to traditional English recipe. The range does not contain any artificial colours’ or flavourings’ with no less than 80% meat content. All sausages are available in 500gr. or 1kg packs.

Prime Beef
From whole joints to a wide range of steaks. Our grain fed premium beef, aged to perfection, is the professional choice for wholesale and retail. Imported New Zealand and Australian steaks available.

Pork & Chicken
Our master-butcher offers a variety of pork and chicken products for wholesale and retail. Pork chops, pork loins and ribs. Chicken fillet, leg and drumsticks.

NZ Lamb & Imported Fish
We are very proud to offer New Zealand and Australian lamb as well as famous fish specialties, including imported Atlantic cod, Norwegian salmon and smoked kippers.

Burgers & Marinated Grill Meat
We offer a variety of homemade burgers and marinated grill meat. Ideal for parties and barbecues. Readymade BBQ’s packs are available for you’re convenience.

Vegetable, Cheese & Butter
A wide range of vegetables and cheeses and butter is available. Orders are welcome.

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